Thursday, October 14, 2010


Hectic is an understatement these days.  Today was no exception.  However, what I did today was...instead of retreating ( from my responsibilities) by going on Facebook or web surfing, I cleaned and organized.  Wow...the sense of accomplisment was a breath of fresh air.  And I did not even do that much cleaning or organizing...just a little bit here and there.  Still, it left me feeling more in control of my environment.  It's a nice feeling. 

Monday, October 4, 2010


I know that Facebook is a huge timewaster yet I'm not doing a darn thing about it.  At least I recognize the problem...isn't that half the battle?  I wonder if there's a Facebook Anonymous program out there some where?  The ironic thing is that I don't even post that often.  I just go there to avoid doing real work!!!

I am officially ( to myself) declaring a semi moratirium on Facebook time.  I can only go on the website three times a day.  There's it's in black & white so I have to stick with it....I hope.  The eventual goal is not visiting the website on a daily basis.